Dungeons and Dragons Workshop

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Hobbies & Games

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Teens , Adults

Program Description

About This Program

Learn all things Dungeons & Dragons at this evening workshop! Staff from Wonderland Toys will be here to explain how to play and show you everything you need to get started.  A great way to connect with the D&D community. Each session will cover a new topic.


March 26: What is DnD? In this session you will learn how to choose an edition or version of the game, how to play and how to utilize your imagination in a digital world.

April 9: Character Building. How to build characters, home brew vs canon, how to balance player and non player characters, and how to advance characters through the game.

April 23: Dungeon Master. Learn how to provide the best possible experience for your players. We will also cover how to mediate and how to enforce game rules.

May 7: Design a Campaign.  Learn how to build a campaign world, incorporate real world, track real time events and player histories in to your campaign world.

May 21: Building Terrain. How does terrain work? Learn how to build affordable, easy terrain for your campaign.

June 4: Published Adventures. Compare published modules, home brew adventures, adventure conversions and different publishers.